Newsletter 9 - Term 1 2018-2019

As we come to the end of the term, our focus of Team Excellence continues to manifest itself in many ways. Last weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate Diwali in a BKIS style. This went further to confirm our commitment to appreciate our diversity as a community. The great teamwork was clearly expressed and championed by our parents’ body (ROBS) in close collaboration with students and teachers. A special mention of the following groups/persons who offered great entertainment during the event:

  • Punjabi dance troupe led by Diya and Maaya
  • Brief talk on Diwali by Eesha
  • Solo dance by Dhara
  • Song session by Choti Dhanjal (Diya’s mum).
  • BKIS family dance led by Ms. Donia

It was a great evening; thank you all to those who made it!


It is finally here with us! Next week on the 21st November, BKIS will take the lead in marking this great day in the USA calendar. This is a “family style” luncheon with classes sitting together. Each pupil brings in a specific dish to help replicate a Thanksgiving meal. Parents and friends are welcome to attend this event - it is very popular and we encourage families and friends to join in!

The luncheon will be followed by a BKIS Has Got Talent presentation which parents are also encouraged to enter.

The event will start at 12:30pm and is expected to end by 2pm.

End of school Exit Procedure

For the sake of accountability and safety of the children, we have come up with a home time register for those not on the bus. We have had a chat with the students on this and are aware that they have to report to the teachers on duty before going home. This implies that the students will only be released to the known people to the school. As such therefore, all the students will be expected to wait for their parents or guardians under the tent.

…And sadly we say goodbye to Qamara and Jayden who are relocating to Canada. We wish them well.

  Sports Desk

Last week BKIS team of 10 students took part in the Junior Kasarani Athletics.  It was a good exposure to the team and excellent learning opportunities were availed. I am sure Mr.Azenga will continue to guide the athletes to their full potentials.

In our assembly today, we also had the opportunity to thank all the students who took part in the recently held BKIS cross country. A special mention went to Sunshine of year 1 for being the only U6 who took part in this. Well done Sunshine!



 Upcoming Events:

  • Soca Afrique Tournament tomorrow at Moi Stadium: Our U15 and U10 team will be taking part from 9-1pm. Best wishes to the team.
  • EYFS & KS1 production: This will be taking place next week on the 23rd November at Simba club from 6pm. All are invited.
  • Exams week: Week 14 will be exams week for Year1 to 10. Revision booklets have been given to Year 1-6.
  • Christmas Cantata: This will take place on the 6th of December here at school from 4pm.