Newsletter 1 - Term 2 2018-2019

It is always a pleasure to welcome students and parents to yet a new Term and new calendar Year!

A special welcome to the families that have joined us this term. Karibuni Sana!


Term Value

As has been the norm every term, there is a value that guides our operations as we focus on the Annual Target of Team Excellence. This calendar year, we started the term by looking at Growth Mind-set as our focus. We would like to have all the students know that:

  • They can learn anything they want to
  • When they are frustrated by a task, they persevere
  • They need to challenge themselves
  • When they fail, it is a learning opportunity
  • When their peers succeed, they should be inspired to do better
  • Their effort and attitude determine everything

This has led to the term value of Persistence. The marvellous mistakes will be turned into learning opportunities for our students.

Healthy Me Week

Next week is a Healthy Me Week as calendared in our term planner. In our PSHE lessons throughout the school, one of the topics covered is Health and Well-being. Under this there is the aspect of Healthy Eating. To apply it, we have deliberately scheduled next week for healthy snacks and food at school. For it to be successful, everyone has to pull in the same direction. Kindly refer to the attached write up for more ideas and suggestions

After School Activities












High School

 YEAR 5&6

YEAR 3&4

YEAR 1 &2





These are officially starting next week. For sports, kindly see the table above for week 3 and 4 schedules.

A big thank you to all the parents who have facilitated the return of club forms. Miss Donia is currently working on the lists which should be out next week Monday.

Friday next week, the production rehearsals will begin for Key Stage 2-4.

Inter-school Verse Speaking Competition

As we mention during our closing assembly, BKIS has been invited to attend the annual Inter School Verse Speaking Competition to be held in Nairobi Academy on 26th January. The last audition was done on Tuesday and I must say a big thank you to the six students who took part in this. Out of these, Arav, Precious and Tyler were chosen to represent BKIS. We wish them well even as they make final touches in their poems.


 Scouts Patrol Leaders Training

The International Schools Scouts, Kenya leaders’ team has organised for a Patrol Leaders training at Greensteds School as from Friday 11th – Sunday 13th January 2019. BKIS has sent six students (Precious, Malaika, Dhara, William and Hawi) to this. They left for Nakuru today morning after our assembly. The purpose of the trip is to train the patrol leaders in the following areas;

  • The Patrol Method
  • Scouting ideals
  • Leadership skills
  • The out-doors
  • Association with adults
  • Badges/Advancements
  • Uniform

 ROBS Meeting

This termly meeting has been re-scheduled to Tuesday 15th January from 3:15 pm.This is a meeting for the parents to chat the way forward for the planned activities.