Newsletter 5 - Term 2 2018-2019

We have excitedly started the second half of the term after a well-deserved Mid-Term Break. The annual target of Team Excellence continue to manifest itself in various activities within the school. Our boys and girls continue to leave the term value of Persistence even as they work in teams with clear goal of displaying Growth Mind-set in their learning.

Chess Tournament

The participation of the BKIS students in the Kisumu Region Chess Championship that was held over the half term was a confirmation of confident individuals ready to face learning challenges that come their way. The team of 5, did their best to qualify for the National Championships to be held in Nyeri from 5th to 8th April. Exemplary results were posted with:

  • Deven L. getting 1st position in Under 8 boys’ category
  • Dhara S. emerging top in Under 10 girls’ category
  • Chengbang Z. getting position 3 in U10 boys’ category
  • Hawi and Leon also getting beautiful certificates for great participation in Under 10 boys’ category.


 Tae Kwondo Tournament

One of our own; Krit P. has continued to show his love for the Tae Kwondo sport. Over the half term, he participated in a tournament and come home with beautiful medals. A big congratulations to him.

 EAMUN Annual Conference

The seniors have been away in Nairobi for the 37th EAMUN annual conference which comes to a close today. It has been a great opportunity to explore their talents in public speaking as well as deliberations and confidence building. The East Africa Model United Nation (EAMUN) simulates the activities of the real United Nations Organization in which the delegates are grouped in committees. Our participants in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) were excited to have won their debate on the 2nd day.


 Parent Teacher Consultation

It has been a very important week in the teaching and learning cycle where feedback and sharing of the progress of learners was done. At BKIS we believe that holistic development of a child depends upon the hard work of student, parent and teacher. These three stake holders integrated effort give the best learning outcomes.

Parent teacher meeting is an opportunity to exchange observation of a child with each other. Sharing daily experience and observation provides a wider prospect for parent and teacher to plan, prepare and execute planning for better learning outcome of a child. It is a great time to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses and how we can work together to help the child develop in school.

We appreciate all those parents who made it possible to have successful sessions on Monday and Wednesday. The feedback received will be used to enhance the realisation of the learners’ potential in school activities.

 Assembly Presentations

Alexi’s confidence in singing continues to impress. As young as she is, she was able to confidently sing in front of everyone during our assembly today. In deed her voice lessons are paying off.

The value of PERSISTENCE was well acted out by our Year Six students in their creatively written script. The script was titled the “Water Vending Machine” in which they reminded us that although persistence entails striving and sticking to a course of action, it also calls for an occasional change of strategy, as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results, contradicts the entire concept of persistence.

 School Production

Rehearsals for the KS2-4 production have started well. Students are working on their lines every Friday from 3:10-4:10pm with the guidance of our teachers. The key costumes have already been acquired.