Newsletter 6 - Term 2 2018-2019

The end of the week is here with us. It has been a great week where our students continue to show aspects of Growth Mind-set. It was a pleasure to have one of the students (Benjamin) remind us of the concept of Growth Mind-set during the assembly. The interesting question he posed to us was, “What happens when someone has a growth Mindset?” The answers were as follows:

  • They keep trying until they succeed
  • They love learning
  • They know progress takes time
  • They ask for help
  • They get inspired by others
  • They are not afraid to fail
  • They love challenges
  • They view mistakes as opportunities
  • They put forth effort
  • They learn from feedback

 It is our hope that with all these in mind, the vision of having learners enjoying success will be realised.

Book Week.

As scheduled in the term calendar, BKIS will be having book week from Monday 4th.  Exciting activities have been lined up including DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) moments. This requires everyone to have a book while in the compound as the signal of DEAR moments will be randomly given.

We take Children’s Book Week incredibly seriously!  It is time to literally bring literature to life and also don a fancy dress outfit that will awaken young imaginations. Our Book Week stories will cover a wide range of characters including those you love to hate, famous heroines to swashbuckling adventurers. We will enliven our classrooms during Book Week as Robin Hood, Harry Potter or as a fairy tale princess.

Some classes will re-enact classic stories, delving into contemporary favourites and introducing famous authors; awakening a passion for fiction and introducing children to the gift of reading - even inspiring the next generation of visionary writers and poets!

On Friday, students, teachers and even parents can sail the seven seas as a pirate and never grow up as Peter Pan, or play croquet and scream "OFF WITH THEIR HEAD" to any latecomers in any costume of their choice! Certainly, there are pupils searching for a golden ticket within their Wonka Bar as the crazy Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. On the other hand, we surely encourage the singing of many witty songs as an Oompa Loompa! Team your outfit with a range of accessories from outrageous wigs, sweeping hooded capes and absurd hats. Fly into action as Batman or Banana man to give yourself the best Book Week - ever!

We are not done yet, on the same Friday, there will be the Principal’s challenge. Watch this space!

 Sports Training Schedule

The P.E department has offered to re structure the training schedule for after school and morning sessions as follows:


MORNING      6.20-7.30

EVENING   4.10-5.10


            ( Swimming) High school



(Football)  Yr 3, 4 ,5 & 6










( Swimming) Y 3,4,5,6









        ( Swimming) High school




 (Swimming ) YR 3,4,5 &6


SATURDAY (Football)

(Football) 9.00 -10.30 High school


10.30-11.30 Junior Year 2,3,4 & 5


NOTE: Saturday sessions will attract a small fee of Ksh.200 per student payable to Mr.Azenga.

 For us to develop strong sports team, there must be a deliberate effort to create extra time for training. I am sure Mr. Azenga will be very encouraged to see high level of commitment from the students and parents. This will definitely lead to the TEAM EXCELLENCE.

Family Picnic and Swimming Gala

We have a very busy day tomorrow. There will be Nyasa Swimming Gala at Aga Khan School from 9.00 am.  Our swimming team will be taking part in this under the supervision of Mr. Azenga. The team (for those who want to be dropped by the school bus) will leave the school at 8:30am.  It is our hope that the programme shall end in good time.

The much awaited Family Picnic is finally taking place tomorrow. A lot of preparations have gone into this courtesy of our dedicated members of ROBs under the leadership of Pavleen. It shall start at 1.00pm. Kindly see the attached poster for more details.