Week 15 Newsletter

The long term has finally come to a successful end. The last week of the term gave an opportunity to show UNITY and TEAMWORK as practised in BKIS.Through the rallying call of BKIS United, the student council mobilised everyone to cheerfully donate Christmas gifts to two children’s homes; Shangilia and Care Compassion Homes. As has been the tradition, during this season, BKIS aims at making a difference in our society and we proudly did it again. A big thank you to all who made it happen.

Christmas Cantata

Over the years, BKIS has had opportunities to nurture talents through staging Christmas carols in the malls and at Simba club. This year we decided to do it differently in the comfort of our school! The TEAM of teachers, parents and students all dressed in Christmas colours staged wonderful pieces as a way of showing unity. I must mention that this was the first time to have a parents’chior! A big thank you to all the parents who spared their time and rehearsed for the great presentation; it made a lot of difference and also acted as a motivation to our students. I am sure next year we shall have a huge number of our parents joining the choir.

The BKIS students as usual did not disappoint. The melodic voices were as a result of dedication and commitment to rehearsals as were led by Ms. Buluma, Ms. Inyanje and the entire Music Department including the instrumentalists. This year we had many soloists and a strong boys’ choir! All in all, it was an excellent show as sampled below:

It was indeed a great day.


ROBS Bake sale

The climax of the Cantata show was the bake sale organized by our super mums. This was done with an aim of boosting the ROBS kitty for the major event to be organized in third term. A total collection of Ksh. 26,250 was realized in less than 30 minutes! Good job to everyone who participated in this.

 Closing Day

This is one of the most cherished days in our school calendar. A day without uniform, books and pens! It is basically a party day. Children had a lot of fun sharing their goodies with their friends before breaking for holidays.



Being a Christmas month and having had the children behave well, BKIS invited Santa Clause to present gifts! It was a wonderful experience for our babies.



Week 14 Newsletter

As we approach the end of the term, many exciting events are coming our way! Yesterday was just but a summary of the great activities BKIS has had this term. We started the day off by show casing the various activities taking place in our clubs:

World Scholars Club A brief history was given by the confident members of the club and later on we were treated to a great debate.

Ballet Club: The girls showed their great and graceful dance skills. It was just lovely!

 Tae Kwondo Club: In case you want to know how to acquire black belt, this is the club.

Zumba Club: For the latest dance style, this is the club! They later welcomed BKIS community to a dance!


BKIS ICT /Computing Day

According to the ICT committee, we marked this special day because education is evolving due to the impact of the internet .We cannot teach our students the same manner we were taught. Change is necessary to engage students in the curriculum. We are responsible for teaching them. We need technology in every classroom, in every student teacher’s hand because it is the pen and the paper of our time and it is the lens through which we experience so much of the world.

A big thank you to those who allowed students to bring their own devices. They made a lot of difference in their learning yesterday. Below are sample of   pictorial evidences of how successful the day was:


The climax of the day was the staging of “Angel Express” production by the EYFS and KS1 at Simba Club. Our young boys and girls proved that indeed they are Successful Learners who enjoy Success! The confidence displayed on stage, led to the excellent execution of the production as a whole. The UNITY and TEAMWORK targets were successfully met in this production. The wonderful work was as a result of collaborative effort of students, teachers and parents. Thank you all for the support. In case you missed to attend, kindly sample the photos below: