3RD TERM Week 11 Newsletter

The second last week of the term has come to a successful end with a colourful Graduation Ceremony of FS2 students and Prize Presentation for the FS1 and Crèche Classes. There are remarkable achievements posted by the EYFS students as they are now ready transit into their next classes. At BKIS, we deliver a broad balanced curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters with an aim of having confident and independent leaners. This was confirmed today in our assembly as each of the classes presented their pieces during the graduation ceremony. Well done to the EYFS team.



This week, primary pupils had an opportunity to learn more about road signs through practical application at the Children’s Traffic Park at the Jomo Kenyatta Sports Grounds. It was amazing to learn that nearly all BKIS students are confident cyclists with refreshed traffic rules knowledge! A big thank you to the parents for allowing us have this great experience through provision of the bicycles.


 Student Council Elections

It is that time of the year that election of the student council president for the next academic year is done! At BKIS we believe that it’s important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn the art of building relationships within teams, defining identities and achieving tasks effectively. It also provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills. This exercise will take place next week on Monday 2nd July 2018 immediately after lunch. After successful vetting of the candidates, two were cleared to run for position of President and these are Vanessa Agatha and Don Okwaro. From their speeches during our assembly today, it is clear that any one of them will adequately serve the student body should they win the election. Best of luck to both of them.


 Transition Morning

As we get ready for the next academic year, the children are looking forward to their new classes in September. On Monday, the children will have an opportunity to visit the future classes and spend a half of the day with their next year’s teachers. It will be a great opportunity to get to know the expectations of the next class.

Prize Presentation

Our annual prize presentation will be held on the 4th of July (Next week Wednesday) from 2.00pm.  At BKIS we acknowledge progress made by each learner and also appreciate the effort displayed in various fields throughout the academic year bearing in mind that every student is a successful learner. All are welcome.

Fashion Show

There is no other better way to crown the academic year than with the fashion show. Our boys and girls have been rehearsing in their various categories in readiness for the Thursday’s show at Simba Club. 

3RD TERM Week 10 Newsletter

The week has been a very busy one with End of Year Tests being administered to the students. We also had two major events in which the students were still able to accomplish to the highest standards.


BKIS was not left behind in marking the World Music Day yesterday, instead we did it in  style. Our boys and girls who have been taking various musical instrument lessons show cased their skills during the tea time concert. It was encouraging to see participants as young as FS1 students confidently perform in front of the school audience.



Our annual Swimming Gala as usual pitched the arch rivals Tilapia Vs Perch houses yet again to another competitive mood. The warm weather of Kisumu was favourable for the teams to show case their aquatic skills acquired throughout the academic year. True to the BKIS team spirit, each house did their best to field confident participants in each event. It was very encouraging to see the students able to swim all the strokes with the required techniques. At the end of the event, the determination of the winning house was done through computation of cumulative points from each house. This year, the competition was so tight that the points difference was just 16! And the winning house this academic year is PERCH! 

3RD TERM Week 9 Newsletter

As we approach the end of the academic year, our calendar of events is packed with exciting activities. Last Saturday, BKIS opened its gate to invited schools to grace our EYFS Fun/ Sports Day. We were privileged to host Citam Nursery, Aga Khan Nursery and Rainbow Kindergarten to a fun filled sports day. The interactions and learning that took place through the structured play was just amazing. All the children from the four different schools had opportunity to do the same activities with considerable level of mastery for their ages; an indication of existence of good sports’ skills, that if nurtured would lead to great performance in the future.


This coming Saturday the 16th June, is the day we have all been waiting for! The ROBS committee has been working tirelessly to organise this event to mark the end of our academic year. 

It shall be at Mon Ami (Mega City) as from 6.00pm.  Family and friends are invited!  Theme for the Event is BLACK, WHITE AND BLING!


BKIS has been an Exam Centre for ABRSM in Kisumu for many years. This week, our students and others from different schools had an opportunity to sit for grade and prep tests in various musical pieces. They were guided by an experienced and friendly  examiner who has always harboured a keen interest in the role of examinations and assessment in Music Education, leading her to develop and co-ordinate examinations across the Music Service, and to examine for Edexcel ‘A’ Level Music before applying to work as an Examiner for ABRSM.

We are very optimistic that the time and preparation exercises undertaken by the candidates will lead to the ever excellent results.


Our last tea time concert for this academic year will be held on the 21st June (Next week Thursday).  I am very sure the children are looking forward to this great day which also coincides with the World Music Day! It will also be an opportunity for the children to have an Art Exhibition at the same time to show case their artistic skills on various pieces they have managed to produce in the course of the term. The event shall start at 3:00pm.  The programme of the day shall be sent out early next week.


The BKIS annual Inter House Swimming Gala is finally here with us! As scheduled, we shall be having our gala on the 22nd June at Nyanza Club. It will also be a great opportunity for our students to show case their aquatic skills.


This week Tuesday, we had a Special Parents Meeting in which the MD designate (Mr. Andy Hill) was officially introduced. It was also an opportunity to spell out the future plans for BKIS as far as development is concerned. As we are all aware, BKIS recently acquired some land for expansion purposes. It is encouraging to report that Braeburn Board of Directors has come up with a draft plan on this. As was mentioned by our current MD (Mr. Rob), the Board aims to have a BKIS campus on the piece of land in two years’ time. This campus shall have KS2 upwards as the current campus will continue to host EYFS and KS1. It is indeed exciting times ahead for BKIS….



A big thank to all those who managed to attend the Parent Teacher Consultation yesterday. We value the feedback given for the sake of the students. Due to the declared Public Holiday tomorrow, the next Parent Teacher Consultation shall be on Monday 18th from 3:30pm. This means that on Monday, school will end at 3:10pm.


The final assessments for this academic year will take place next week in the form of End Year Exams for the students in Year 1-9. Time tables have been shared with the students and will also be sent out to parents together with this newsletter. We wish the students best of luck.

3RD TERM Week 8 Newsletter

Our second half of the term has started off with a bang as we finish the academic year in a style. This week, good news has been shared with the BKIS community of the great achievement of one of our own. As I had mentioned earlier, The Toyota Dream Car Art completion this year had a category of U8 winners reserved for BKIS!It was a privilege to  have the Toyota team led by the MD Mr.Arvinder Reel in our assembly  to deliver yet another good news to us. The winner of U8 category in Kenya, Dhara Shah has been selected to represent the country in the global round to be held in Japan. In this one week trip, Dhara and one of her parents’ expenses are catered for by Toyata! It is indeed a great achievement and we are all proud of Dhara.

The three winners also had the opportunity to receive their beautiful certificates from Toyota Kenya.








We say a big thank you to the Toyota team for giving BKIS such a great opportunity.

 Mater Heart Run

This annual event has become part of BKIS calendar. As responsible citizens, we always extend a helping hand to the needy in our larger community. The use of magic words was excellently applied by the BKIS students in getting sponsors for the run. From the returned forms, we have collected a total of Ksh. 233,800 to Mater Hospital. As if this is not enough, on the 26th May, we had a team of BKIS members (students, staff and parents) take part in the actual run.



 Taekwondo Competition

Our emphasis on active participation in the extra-curricular activities motivated three members of the Tae Kwondo club (Kieran, Deven and Christian) to venture into competition outside Kisumu. On the 2nd of June, these three active boys were in Nairobi for the Oshwal Taekwondo tournament. It is very encouraging to report that they did their best and were not intimidated by the huge crowd as well as at times, bigger opponents.

They all won medals and were able to share their experiences to the rest of the students during the assembly. Congratulations to the boys!



 World Environmental Day

BKIS joined the world in celebrating this great day under the theme of Beating Plastic Pollution. Each class had exhibition on how to re-use the plastic to avoid pollution as sampled below.

The KS3 students had the opportunity to partner with the County Government in tree planting session on that day. We also had Vanessa present a topic on dangers of plastic pollution during the occasion. All in all, the BKIS presence and participation was well felt.

 ABRSM Exams

This annual exam will be held on Monday and Tuesday Next Week. Our candidates have been preparing and we are sure they will do their best. BKIS being an ABRSM centre, we have other candidates from other schools doing their exams from here. Best wishes to the candidates.

EYFS AND Year 1 Fun/Sports Day

The much awaited fun day is finally here with us. Tomorrow BKIS will be having a fun day for 2-6 year olds. There are invited schools to grace the occasion. The event will start at 9am with expected end time to be 12noon.There are many exciting activities.