3RD TERM Week 12 Newsletter

11th July 2018

The academic year has come to a successful end as a result of great Team work experienced from parents, students and teachers. Throughout the year, our guiding target has been team work supported by various term values (honesty, responsibility, tolerance, respect, patience, respect, unity, Courtesy, thoughtfulness and understanding). For the last three years we have endeavoured to emphasise on values that make a person irrespective of religious, cultural, social or economic backgrounds. These values are truly indispensable, devoid of which, our society cannot sustain itself and people will forget humanity. Even as we break for the holiday, it is our hope that BKIS students will exercise these values at home.

The last week of the school has been packed with many activities to summarise the academic year. It has been a week to acknowledge the various achievements through prize presentation. Our boys and girls have realised some notable improvement in their learning venture and as a school we dedicated last Wednesday afternoon to acknowledge their effort through presentation of certificates of achievements. A big thank you to our guests, Mr. Rob Williams-MD Braeburn Schools Ltd, CECM Tourism, Culture, Arts and Sports-Kisumu County Ms. Achie Alai and BKIS Students Council President Walter Watta for the inspiring speeches.



Congratulations to all the prize winners and May they always remember,” Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential”. – John Maxwell

Fashion Show

This annual event is becoming better, bigger and exciting! Our boys and girls did not disappoint. People who pay attention to fashion will always want to know what will be the hot new style in the coming season; BKIS provided this great opportunity last Thursday. Creativity and style was witnessed across the categories as was expected. The level of confidence from students was just amazing as sampled below:

















Summer camp

Mr Azenga has offered to run a sports camp for the first month of the holiday. His major focus will be on Football and Swimming. Already a schedule of the same has been sent home with the clear groupings according to age and ability. The camp will end on the 11th of next month.

Finally, I wish you all an enjoyable break full of fun; see you on the 28th of August 2018.

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