The Year 5 Assembly Presentation

13th May 2022

In Week 2, the Year 5 students explored the word “Appreciate” during their class assembly themed (Appreciation). They also got a chance to present some thank you cards to the BKIS’ ancillary staff members and the Security Guard as a way to just say thank you for all the good work they’re doing.

Here is what they had to say.......

We are grateful...we appreciate
Mr. Sheldon Thank you for always being there for us. Whenever I see you in school,I remember all you have done for me. I will particularly not forget the day you helped us get the football from outside the compound after I accidentally kicked it across. From Gerald
Mr. Martin Thank you for making sure our environment is always clean and safe for all. i will also live to remember the day you made my collar at the basketball Court. From Nitai
Mr. Erik Thanks for yoru helping hand. I will always remember the day you drove several kilometers early in the morning during our Naivasha trip just to get me Premier Milk. From Saahil
Mr. Ezekiel I Just want to say thank you for dropping me home safely and picking me up early daily. Sincerely appreciate your kindness. From Yaseen
Ms. Martha Your hi-five and smile are ever welcoming. Thank you for cleaning our spaces. I enjoy sitting on the carpet and the pillows. With my smiles and giggles, I appreciate you. From Imani
Ms. Jocinter Your warm smile always gives me a million reasons to visit the kitchen. Whenever I see you around, I am sure my lunch will be warmed and all cutlery set. I sincerely appreciate you concern and care. From Linda
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