We are the Champions!

12th February 2024

The BKIS Interschool KS2 Spelling Bee challenge was yet another memorable, engaging and exhilarating experience. For the 2nd year, we played host to the challenge allowing our students to engage their peers from Jalaram and Kisumu Junior Academy on Saturday 3rd February at Braeburn Kisumu. We celebrate our BKIS team for being crowned the 2024 BKIS Interschool Spelling Bee champions. It is great to receive encouraging feedback from the participants and a special mention to Jheel and Zohaib for winning the Outstanding Spellers’ awards. Many thanks to Jalaram Academy and Kisumu Junior Academy for gracing the challenge. A big thank you to the High School student leaders who sacrificed their Saturday rest to come and support the KS2 students as timekeepers!

JHEEL  website.jpg
Jheel’s experience My experience was great! I felt really nervous at the start of the competition. However, as soon as I started to spell, my stage fright faded away. I had prepared adequately and was ready to support my team no matter the results. Thanks to my parents, teachers and all participants.
ZOHAIB website.jpg
Zohaib’s experience I had a spectacular experience engaging my peers from other schools. I felt a bit nervous and I kept on gasping at the start of every round. I loved the fun and the exciting moments and really wish to thank my Spelling Bee team, my teachers and my parents for encouraging me and giving me the opportunity to win the award.
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