29th November 2023

The spirit of gratitude and togetherness permeated the air at the BKIS Annual Thanksgiving celebration held on Wednesday, November 22nd. The school compound buzzed with a palpable sense of family as parents, students, and teachers gathered to share a meal and reflect on the year's blessings and accomplishments.

The Thanksgiving celebration served as a wonderful opportunity for parents, students, and teachers to connect outside the traditional classroom setting. The shared meal, reflective moments, and friendly competition created lasting memories and strengthened the sense of community within the BKIS family.

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The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Parents vs. Teachers football match, a much-anticipated event that brought out the competitive spirit in all participants. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as both teams geared up for the friendly yet spirited competition.

In a surprising turn of events, the parents emerged victorious, overpowering the teachers with their skill and teamwork. The match not only showcased the athletic prowess of our parent community but also provided a lighthearted and enjoyable moment for everyone present.

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