EYFS & KS1 Production

29th November 2023

The enchanting world of Goldilocks unfolded as our youngest learners stepped into the shoes of the characters we've all come to adore. The EYFS and KS1 students, with their infectious enthusiasm, transported the audience into the fairy-tale forest, where the story of the curious Goldilocks and the three endearing bears came alive.

Witnessing the EYFS and KS1 students take on the roles of Goldilocks, Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear was a testament to their growing confidence and creative abilities. The young performers embraced their characters with gusto, showcasing not only their understanding of the story but also their flair for dramatic expression.

The audience couldn't help but smile as Goldilocks tiptoed through the bear's cottage, the Three Bears displayed a range of emotions, and the littlest members of our school community brought charm and charisma to Baby Bear's character. It was a joyous celebration of storytelling and early performing arts.


Adding a magical layer to the production was the outstanding musical accompaniment provided by the Year 5 , 6 and 7 band students. The Music department's dedication and the young musicians' talents elevated the production to new heights. From whimsical tunes to suspenseful melodies, the musical ensemble beautifully complemented the unfolding drama on stage.

The synergy between the actors and musicians created a truly immersive experience, captivating the audience and leaving them humming the tunes long after the final curtain fell.

The success of this production was not only a result of the performers' efforts but also a testament to the collaborative spirit within our school community. Teachers, parents, and students came together to create a memorable experience, highlighting the importance of fostering creativity and camaraderie in education.

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