Week 11 Newsletter

11th November 2017

It has been a calm week with very exciting outcomes for BKIS community; Parent Teacher Consultations and our termly Tea Time Concert. The importance of Parent Teacher Consultation session is well captured in our annual target of TEAM WORK as it provides opportunity for:

  • Teachers and parents to establish a rapport and develop a common goal that focuses on helping students have the best school experience possible.
  • Development of a successful partnership between parents and teachers, an important aspect of students’ academic and social achievement.
  • Exchange of information with the teacher about students’ academic progress and social development.
  • Teachers and parents plan together on how to help students work through their school challenges or find ways to ensure their continued success in their learning.

To this end, I want to thank all the parents who honoured their appointments which made the two days very successful by all standards. We also had an opportunity to give out a questionnaire whose results will help us plan better for the effective delivery of our services.

This term, our Tea Time Concert was just awesome! The presentation and execution of the pieces further confirmed that indeed BKIS students have talents. Stage confidence, mastery of skills and teamwork were displayed by the participants to an enthusiastic and supportive audience. We had more of group presentations which is an obvious departure from the many individual pieces as has been in the past.


From the performances, it is clear that the students did not disappoint as stated in the Music lessons’ policy of,Children are expected to contribute to musical events in school such as Tea Time Concerts and school productions once a reasonable standard has been reached ‘.  I am confident that next term it will be even better with more participants presenting their pieces. Thank you to Ms.Buluma, Mr.Ken and Mr.Victor for supporting our young musicians.


Upcoming Events

  • 22nd November: Thanksgiving Luncheon: As it has been the tradition of BKIS, we intend to have this day celebrated a day earlier to allow our seniors partake of it before they travel to Nairobi for their annual athletics meet at Kasarani. Detailed information will be sent out next week to guide in the preparation.
  • 24th November: Senior Athletics Meet at Kasarani involving International Schools in Kenya. Our boys and girls are getting ready to fly the BKIS flag up high. They will leave for Nairobi on the 23rd and be back on the 25th
  • EYFS & KS1 Production: 1st December 2017: Our babies are busy working on their lines for this great day. Kindly assist where possible.


  • Christmas Cantata on the 7th December 2017: Our Key stage 2-3 are working on their songs to present on this day. As we usher in Christmas, our Students’ Council is working tirelessly to ensure BKIS puts a smile on someone’s face. They are appealing for donations to be presented to a children’s home on this day. Already they have decided on the theme of the Shoe Boxes. This year we would like invite the identified children’s home to join us during the Cantata.
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Council of British International Schools (Compliance Member)
GL Education Assessment Excellence
Cambridge International Examinations
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music