Week 5 Newsletter

29th September 2017

It is exactly a month since the school opened for this academic year! This being our longest term, the countdown continues, two more weeks to Half Term! Many of you have been asking about our Half Term Break with the announcement of new election date. As you are aware, our dates are published a year earlier and most of our parents have had their plans arranged in advance. Because of this, we are not changing our half term dates as scheduled in the planner.

Swimming Gala

There will be a Swimming Gala at Aga Khan Primary school tomorrow. The BKIS team is excited and ready for the event. As was discussed in the assembly today, the team needs to be at the venue by 9:am.Out teachers (Ms Irene, Mrs. Njihia, Mr. Ndungu and Mr. Rwenyo) will be there in the absence of Mr. Azenga who is away in Nairobi for the Braeburn Sports Festival. Previously we have had excellent support from our parents who stay on to cheer the BKIS team. I am hopeful that we shall have the same tomorrow. Best of luck to the team.

Swahili as a Subject

Following the directive of the Ministry of Education that all schools in Kenya have to do Swahili, BKIS has been offering one hour lessons of the subject from year 1-9. Yesterday, we received visitors from the Ministry of Education all the way from Nairobi to come and check whether we have complied with the directive. It is my pleasure to report that they were impressed that this has been the case. We shall endeavour to create other opportunities for our students to know the basics of the language. It is also important to note that BKIS offers Swahili subject at GCSE level.

Education City and Myimaths Websites

To enhance the use of ICT in teaching and learning, we have always subscribed to these two websites. Myimaths is open to ALL the students from primary to High school while Education city is just for Primary students. Our appeal is, kindly encourage the children to use these sites to enhance their learning at home. In case of challenges of logins, kindly let the Class/Form Tutors know.

Reader of the week

This week, the award goes to Tristen Griffith of year 6. His love for the books was captured during play time where he sat quietly at a corner in the field while others were running around. Well done Tristen




School lockers

Our year fours have been excited to have lockers allocated to them this academic year. Many of the have had padlocks on them. This has come with the challenge of constant loss of the keys to the lockers. To solve this, kindly have a spare key well labelled and kept in school with the secretary (Ms. Evelyn). This will eliminate the problem of breaking into the locker in case the key is lost. 

New Student

In our assembly today, we took the opportunity to welcome a new member of BKIS by the name of Steve in Year 2.  

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