15th November 2021

Exploring Kisumu

This Friday, we explored our town- Kisumu. We visited Otonglo Estate where we saw the Kenya Uganda Railway that was built by the Imperial British East Africa Company in 1905. We also saw the terminal of the Railway named "Port Florence" which was the former name of Kisumu City. We proceeded to Kit Mikayi and saw the mysterious Kit Mikayi rocks. Some of us explored the cool caves and the deepest pond found in the middle of the rocks. Folks say it goes up to Lake Victoria.

Kenya Uganda Railway.jpeg
Kenya Uganda Railway
Lake Victoria
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kit mikayi top.jpg

Traditional dancers welcomed us with an exciting Owalo dance & not forgetting the extraordinary view at the top. We finished our trip at the Yacht Club where we had an amazing view of Lake Victoria. Along the way, we toured the city center, the Kisumu International Airport, Ndere National Park and saw many shops. As you can see, we saw lots of physical and human features in Kisumu. We were entertained and had an amazing day!

Yatch Club