Year 7 and 8 class trip

4th October 2022

The year 7 and year 8 students went on their high school field trip to SWAP Institute.

They were briefed on some of the innovative science projects that the institute is undertaking. Notable was the solar laundry kit that provides women around the community with ease in doing laundry. It utilizes solar energy to clean up laundry, a very simple but innovative project.

The students were taken through the lab. Here they were shown some of the lab instruments that aid in the analysis of water, especially the aspect of checking and testing the bacteria levels in water, how water is treated using chemical reagents.

They had a first-hand opportunity to conduct a sample water treatment approach to remove water turbidity and make it safe for drinking. The students were excited that, through such projects, they could receive clean water in their taps at home right from river sources such as the Ahero river.

Through observation and experimentation, the students were happy to put to test some of the science skills they had acquired at school. Such trips inspire students to take up science-related careers in the future.

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