Week 4 Newsletter

Our fourth week of the term has come to a successful end. The annual target of team work and term value of unity came alive when the whole community converged at the BKIS field for a well-organized family picnic last Saturday. Kudos to the ROBs group for bringing us together with fun filled activities and of course the delicious meals we enjoyed on that great day. In case you missed, below is just a glimpse of how the day was:

University fair

Our seniors received an invitation to attend university fair which was held at St Andrew’s Turi on Wednesday. They had an opportunity to interact with representatives from overseas universities. Below is a summary from the students:

On Wednesday, September 19th, 2017, Year 11 attended an educational fair titled UNISERV held at St. Andrews Turi. The journey there was smooth and we arrived in time for the exposition. We met other international students just as curious as we were about what the future holds. There were over twenty universities’ representatives who were at hand to give exploitation about what the universities have to offer. We were particularly impressed with the University of Tasmania on an island off the coast of Australia. We also attended a presentation on the Marshall University. One interesting fact we learned was that students are paid to learn in Hungarian universities one of which was Obuda University.

The information we got was relevant and was not a waste of time. At the end, the host was kind to offer us lunch as an appreciation for the dedication we had because we had covered a long distance to attend the exposition. We were very thankful for the gesture. After the sumptuous lunch where Denzel served two plates, we kicked off the journey back home at about 1 o’clock with full stomachs and arrived at school at about 4 o’clock after a long journey of sleeping and dreams. We appreciate BKIS for this opportunity and recommend this to be an annual event for BKIS.

[ Loice, Walter,Denzel and Merceline ]


 Braeburn Sports festival

Every year this event brings together close to one hundred students across Braeburn group of schools to participate in various sports. We are delighted to send 8 students to be part of this gathering. The team will leave on Thursday next week to be back on Sunday 1st October. Our team comprises of Loice , Merciline,Vanessa, Kristina, Walter, Denzel, Don and Jesse accompanied by Mr.Azenga and Ms.Mukui.We wish them well even as they get ready for the festival.

 Car park

Thank you all for those who have always endeavoured to utilize the parking slot with considerations. As a TEAM of BKIS community, may we always remember to park appropriately for the sake of accommodating everyone. And to this regard, angle parking is recommended.

As we earlier agreed, let us also avoid dropping off students right in front of the school gate there by causing unnecessary inconveniences to other road users.

Appreciation on Punctuality

We have noted with a lot of appreciation the high level responsibility displayed by our students as far as punctuality is concerned. As we discussed earlier, time keeping is a life skill that has to be instilled in our learners as they progress with their studies. Thank you parents and guardians for enabling us to realize this. As a united TEAM we are all happy with the achievement. Let us keep the good work.

Election date

With the announcement of new presidential repeat election date, many of you have been asking what next for the school in-terms half term dates. A clear position will be communicated as soon as a decision is made at group level. Kindly bear with us on this for now.

Mater Heart Run

As promised earlier, the students who raised ksh.5000 and above were to be acknowledged through a token of appreciation from the Mater hospital. In our today’s assembly we presented to this group of students their much awaited gifts .Congratulation to the team.


  Reader of the week

This week our reader of the week is Dhara Shah. If you want to know more about Fantastic Mr.Fox, kindly get in touch with her. Well done Dhara!

Week 2 Newsletter

We have come to a successful end of week two with the commencement of after school activities. Thank you to all students and parents who ensured the club form was handed in on time. Clubs have started and we already enjoyed debating, dancing, dodging, colouring, skating, calculating and many other things! Here is an impression of the Clubs so far;


 Kindly, ensure what you need to bring/wear during the clubs;

Students participating in Dodgeball, Lawn Tennis, Skating, Table Tennis, Football or Zumba should be wearing a P.E. kit.

Students participating in Art Extravaganza and Craft should be wearing their Art t-shirt.

Students participating in Swimming and Swim Training should bring their swimming costume and a towel.

Students participating in Book and Homework Club should bring their homework.

Students participating in Ballet should either wear a P.E. kit or a ballet dress/leotards/skirt with tights/leggings.

Students participating in Tae Kwondo and Scouts are encouraged to wear the appropriate uniform.

World First Aid Day

Did you know that World First Aid day is celebrated   on the second Saturday of September each year? BKIS is cognisant of this and had it celebrated today as per our calendar. We had the privilege of getting the services of Red Cross Society to take us through what first aid is and the examples of basic skills during the assembly. As a community we were enlightened on how to offer first aid to:

  • A person with a fracture
  • A person who is nose bleeding
  • A person who is chocking

A big thank you to Red Cross team from Kisumu branch.

World Scholars

As promised last week, we took the opportunity to present beautiful certificates to our scholars who represented us at the World Scholars Cup –Global round which was held in Greece over the summer holiday.


  Tae Kwondo Grading

Our dedicated Taekwondo team of Dedan, Dhara, Krit and Sanay are doing their best as usual. Last term they took part in a grading exercise and it was an honour to present the certificates and a belt to them at the assembly.




The joy of receiving new students in BKIS has been real. We are happy to officially welcome Rowland, Precious, Conrad, Antoine, Newton and Evyavan as   new members of BKIS. 


 Reader of the week

There is a strong drive to nurture reading skills across the school this academic year.

After consultations, the teachers agreed that this week, the award goes to Sibylla in year 1!

Week 1 Newsletter


Our last year’s candidate class did us proud. They posted excellent results of 89% of grades C-A*! This was as a result of dedication and commitment shown throughout the year. They had to work SMART and balance the many extra-curricular activities with the academic work. We are proud to have produced successful learners who enjoyed their school programmes. A big thank you to the teachers who worked tirelessly with the candidates in the coverage of the syllabus.


BKIS was not left behind in this popular and exciting international event that was held in Greece over the summer break. It was the first time for our students to take part in this and they did not disappoint as usual. Our team of 9 students and 2 teachers placed BKIS on the global map through remarkable participation. The junior and the senior teams had a wonderful opportunity to interact with other scholars from around the world. It is with pleasure that we proudly mention that our seniors qualified for the Tournament of Champions to be held at Yale University in USA from 9th-16th November 2017.Thank you our parents, for the sacrifice made to ensure our students reached this far.Preparations are underway for participation in tournament of champions.

Below is a summary from the students

During the World Scholars Cup we encountered a lot of adventures. On the first few days we were introduced to a lot of new people during the scavenger hunt. We were separated into different groups to find different items and do different activities. We made many friends within our groups. Our teams performed really well in the competitions. We all did an amazing job in winning some medals. For all our hard work we all got beautiful alpacas.

On the overall the senior team of Loice, Walter and Mercy made it to Yale.

By Kristina Year 8.

Greece was a lot of fun. We learnt many things and met new people. Divani Caravel was a lovely hotel which we shared with BGE students. We made friends with them. We never wanted to leave. It was hot and the sun would set much later than it does in Kenya. All in all it was a great experience and we enjoyed the time with our friends.

Vanessa and Don Year 9.